Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well, it'd be awful hard to lose at this version of 'horseshoes' (that shall be called from here on out, 'horsepoos'). Of course, if you factor in Redneck IQ, then maybe I'd have to rethink that comment. Bubba looks like he's focused real hard. Must really need to win that jar of pickled hog's feet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Revamping (again)

So I've decided that blogging isn't all about long, well thought out (though highly humorous) blog posts. Seeing as I lack the time for such things, I have (quite obviously) let this thing go to the grave. Well Jesus rose again (as will the South one day ;) ), so it's time this blog did, too. I'll be posting less length, but (hopefully) equal humor. I hope you guys (whoever that includes now- if anybody) enjoy!

(And I'm using the double meaning, and I'm gonna 'Git-R-Dun' with this blog, too.) ;)