Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A few random... things...

How many people have ever seen what night time is like in the Georgia countryside? I have. I love it. I absolutely adore it. Want to see what it looks like? Here-

First essential element would be the fire barrel. See it in the center? It's a metal trash can that is punctured. It's amazing. We now also have one. Now in Georgia, once a fire gets going (and word gets out that there's family in town) all the neighbors will emerge from their houses and sit 'round the fire. Family will drive down and stop in to say howdy to the visiting family, and we all sit and tell stories. It's a whole heap o' fun.

So that is what a Georgia night looks like. ;) On a completely different note, I have found something I really enjoy doing... beading brow bands for horses! See what it looks like-

Been thinkin' about doing it for people who want it done, but having a little trouble getting started. So we'll see... isn't it right purty, though? That's Miss CoCo, just so you know. She's a lovely model. ;)

You may not believe this (and I almost don't, neither).

Don't this blog look right purty? Well I (Kaitland) decided it was time for some sprucin' up and... what's that word? Recamping? Oh! Revamping. That's fancy fer "gussyin' up". You'll be seein' at least a post a week or so... give or take a couple weeks. We hope all our faithfuls will forgive us fer leavin' ya in the dust. All I'll say is that the hunting was good, and couldn't persactly give that up. I know ya'll will agree, right?

So let the bloggin' begin, and hopefully ya'll will like what ya see here. Happy huntin', folks!