Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A peek at a Southern Ball.

So imagine with me for a second... the old, antebellum South. The elite Mr. Jeffrey Jenkins

recieves an invitation to attend a party held by Mr. George Thornburton

and his lovely wife Millie
and their children John and Annabelle

in honor of their daughters Carolina and Ella May.

And so Mr. Jenkins winds his way through the many oak lined roads of the Southern plantations, coming upon the one that leads to Magnolia Hall, the residence of the afore mentioned Thornburton family.

Eventually coming upon Magnolia Hall itself. Beautiful, isn't it? Just imagine living in one of them things... I bet it was just dandy! Anyhow, we must continue our journey...

The day time find the Porch of Magnolia Hall vacated... there are things to be done... no time for lounging around! There's a regular ball to prepare. Baking to be done, dresses to be ironed and put on, hair to be done, cravats to be tied. Not to mention lectures to John and Annabelle on proper manners... not that they don't know, just a reminder to use them.

And by the beginning of the evening to late in the night we see it all transformed... the gas lights burning, the music playing. Belle's in their luxurious dresses, and their hair piled high on their heads in braids, curls, and ringlets; flowers, pearls, and diamonds (wishful thinking here) fixed in their high stylin' hair. The gentlemen prance about (that sounds mighty funny, hehe) asking all the pretty ladies for a dance, or conversing with the other gentlemen present, dressed to the nines and acting the part of a true Southern dignitary. "Would you like some punch, Miss Carolina?" "Oh, if you would, Mr. Jenkins. Thank you kindly." Waving her fan to cool herself after a sprightly Virginia reel.

Later on it's time for walks in the moonlight at talks in the gardens. "You do look lovely tonight, Miss Ella May." "Why thank you, Mr. Jackson," she says, blushing. "Please may I have the honor of accompanying you on a walk through the gardens on this glorious night?" "You may. Shall we ask Mr. Jenkins and Carolina to join us? I imagine they would love the invitation as well." "Of course we shall, the more the merrier!"
And so the night is enjoyed by the young people of the South as they eat, drink, and stroll through the gardens, breathing in the refreshingly pleasant smell of the magnolias that are budding and blossoming as are our dear young ladies into true Southern Belles.


  1. Haha, very nicely done.I like how you did it with the pictures. :)