Monday, April 12, 2010

You know you're a Southerner when.....

Hey guys!!! Here it is! I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I did! Feel free to leave a comment or ten. Many thanks to Andrea P. and Timothy for submitting most of these, and I got a couple in there myself. Thanks ya'll!

You know you're a Southerner when-

~ You know what a granny woman is.

~ You never eat biscuits without butter.

~ You know what a green fried tomato looks and tastes like.

~ You live off sweet tea and biscuits.

~ You say ya'll every other sentence.

~ You feel that as long as you add "Bless his/her little heart" you have the right to say whatever comes to mind concerning someone.

~ You've discovered a Water Moccasin living under your RV.

~ You don't say "Northerner" you say "Yankee".

~ You've whittled down a tree in attempts to solve a hard problem.

~ You wonder what was so funny about the "Ten Commandments for Southerners" post.

~ You've probably set a world record for most bottle rockets set off at one time.

~ Every pair of jeans you own has holes in the knees.

~ Your livin' out the song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy".

~ You believe a man's best friend is his favorite gun.

~ You name all your guns.

~ You call everything "coke".

~ 90% of your diet is deep-fried.

~ You think snow is a novelty.

~ You're a Baptist, your relatives are Baptists, and your friends are Baptists (that covers just about everybody).

~ Your truck is older than dirt and twice as dusty.

~ Copperheads are "just something you have to watch out for."

~ You nonchalantly pull ticks out of your dog's ears, all the time.

~ You've used Duck Tape for every imaginable pupose.:D

~ You have a pocket knife for every occasion.

~ You just knew you got that Cracker House question right, even though the ornery test master said ya got it wrong.


  1. Yay! You put the granny woman on there... can't forget her, bless her soul ;)

  2. Just so ya'll know alot of those were true.(like the Water Moccasin one:D)

  3. Hahaha, right, Rebekah, you sure can't forget her!

    My favorite has got to be the "bless their heart" one. ;)

  4. Being a northerner (No, we generally do not call ourselves Yankees. =P ), I think one thing I recognize in a Southerner would be that they can say "Ain't" in PUBLIC without getting in trouble. Only uncivilized people do that up here. =D

    The bless her/his heart one was hilarious. I've always wondered where that came from...

  5. I agree with Kyrstin! I can's say "Aint" with out getting into trouble. and you're darn right we don't call ourselves yankees. But It's really funy to try and imitate you southern accents. :)

  6. Haa, I sure am ornery, making a mistake like that one!

    Bless your peapicking hears!

  7. What?! You can't say Ain't?! I don't think i could survive very long up there.:P

  8. That is so fun! I know every one and I am not even technically southern!

  9. Haha, have you ever lived in the South?

    I must say that, in my opinion, the best part of conversing with a Northerner is

    1) Making fun of their speech.
    2) Watching their faces twist and turn in bewilderment at some of the terms, names, and phrases, that are commonly found in the vocabulary of any Southerner.

    How many of ya'll Northerners do not say "Ma'am" "Sir" "Mr. (or Miss, Mrs.) [insert name here]"? (Kyrstin, I already know you never do ;) )

  10. Haha. I don't get most of these cause I've never been down south, but I still found it funny. Especially, "man's best friend is a gun". hahaha

  11. I have lived in Nebraska all my life, but it was a backwoodsy down home part. =) We were taught proper respect ;-)

  12. Haha, I now know I'm no Southerner, but I think I know some people who are.

    Okay, I know what a granny is, but what's a "granny woman"?

    I don't like tea, sweet or not, and I never eat biscuits.

    Green tomatoes?

    Can't stand hearing "Bless her little heart." (No offense :)

    I do say y'all, though, and snow is a novelty, so I guess I'm 8% southern :)

  13. A granny woman is kinda like a midwife/ medicine woman type thing.

    Sweet tea is only second to water in it's soothing properties for your mind and body, and I have never heard of a body never eating biscuits... ;)

    "Green tomatoes?"

    Awesome stuff... you take green tomatoes, slice 'em, batter and fry 'em up... delicious treat!

    Dearie, you might not want to come down here... chances are you will have your heart blessed and hear of many other cases pertaining to others. ;)

    I say ya'll like... all the time... and snow is not a novelty, cause I spent one winter up north and was forever done with the stuff... makes pretty postcards, though. :D

  14. lol. Nicely put Kaitland. :D