Saturday, May 15, 2010

Duct Tape Revisited- ideas that are totally awesome!

Plaid duct tape. Need I say more!!! :D

^This equals waaaaay too much fun for a Southerner that also possesses zip ties.

Hey, why not?!

Now I think this is creative. It's gotta be sturdy...

You never would have guessed this was made out of duct tape, would you?

Another wallet, this one looks more complicated.

So I'm running low on post ideas at this present time... anything you guys would like to see in particular? Serious, funny, Southern, even Northern (don't expect it to be a gushing post on the "good qualities" of the North, cause it won't be), just whatever you'd like to see! Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Wow. Are people that crazy? =P That purse and wallet were unbelievable!

    "even Northern (don't expect it to be a gushing post on the "good qualities" of the North, cause it won't be)" Hey! At least we speak proper English. ;) I think you should do gushing post on the good qualities of the North! =D

  2. Hey, i think that's a good idea! Lets list some good qualities of the north, then some of the south(if they can fit in one post);P. What do you think Kaitland? :D

    P.S. I could speak perfect English if'n i wanted to. ;)

  3. yeah! why can't you speak well of the far north! I'll have you know that were I live we are hailed is very hopitible. By southerners No less!!!
    we are very casual laid back people who like a good time and like to treat our geusts to hikes and mud wars and fun times!

  4. Wow, your all so... Southerner, except where I come from we call you something ells. ;) That duct tape stuff is really creative! Its actually a really good idea. I have a friend that made a purse out of empty Capri Sun juice bags. :)