Friday, May 7, 2010

A Letter From My Favorite Great-Aunt!

Now, this isn't to laugh at, because the writer is my favorite Aunt, and she wrote it right from the heart! It's the way us people talk, when we are family! :)

So, this is the letter...

Hey Ya'll!

Thank you so-so-oo much for the Birthday card and $20.00. Man,I can buy several packs of Pinto beans with that!! I love my pinto beans and cornbread with a big onion. I just never did get above my raising, which is alright.

You beautiful people, if I had wings I would just flutter right up you way, and peep in the window at you, and say "well, here I am. Come on let's check upon the farm animals", but all I have is two 77 yr. old arms and legs and so I am grounded in Blacksburg. When we get to Heaven I hope your mansions are right next door to mine, can't you imagine what fun we will have!

Now milk the cows and churn some buttermilk and cook some cornbread. And I'll flutter up your way. Until then I'm sending all my love. Pray for me as I pray for you all. I love you the mostest. Jesus ever loves you more.
Annie Sue

Kaitland has been nagging me to post, and I've not 'ere you go! Kate has returned. ;)


  1. That is one awesome letter! Your Aunt has a special way of writing! =D

  2. Awww, such a sweet letter. She sounds like a darling character, bless her little heart! :D

  3. What?! She does sound like a dear....

  4. Love it! That is sooo cute! I want to write letters like that to my grand-nieces and nephews and children when I'm 77!