Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay, hold the applause and bear with me! It's Kaitland!!! ;)

So, uh, Kate and I talked it over, and we felt that it might be a good idea to introduce ourselves. I guess we figured ya'll would like it if we did that.

So I am Kaitland, and I do live in and love the South! I was born and raised here, and never plan to leave (lest it be to go West). I have loved all things Southern for a long time, the history and culture (if you can call it that) is amazing! There is nothing more fun that getting out the .22 and shooting at cardboard reindeer and Santa's sleigh near Christmas time, and having those backyard bbq's complete with go-cart riding and diet coke and mentos rockets during the summer time.

My family is awesome (I know ya'll will read this later, and yes, I really mean it! ;) )! I love them, I love God, I love reading, writing, music, and writing (I'm sorry, did I mention that before? Well... I love it lots!). I like humour, and I love to laugh at funny things, including jokes made about and by Southerners. I like to make my own humorous observations of the South, and I will hopefully share many of them with ya'll. I hope ya'll have a toe tappin', knee slappin' time as you read this blog!!! =D



  1. Nice, Kaitland. *applause* =P

    I think you meant to add "Gut bustin laughter" or something like that. ;) (Isn't that what it's called?)

  2. Haha, I haven't heard that one yet, though I was thinking "rip roarin'" ;)

  3. Hello Kaitland, i believe we've met before somewhere before...:P

  4. Possibly, Timothy, possibly. :P

    Oh, and don't forget to do your chores. :P ;)