Monday, March 22, 2010

Set yourself right down here on the's Kate!

Hey Ya'll!

Seeing that I'm not exactly famous,(and hopefully not infamous), in the bloggin' world, I thought it was high time to introduce myself!
I was born in the wonderful hills and hollars of Southern West Virginia, and let me assure you, it's the best place this side of the states! While I am now in exile in Ohio, we still visit grandparents and relations in WV and VA, so I am not abandoned. :D
I would looove to visit the west someday! you know that.

I am a farmgirl from the mountains, and you can usually find me in the barn milking, ( yes, I handmilk) or singing opera while washing dishes. It is the obvious mission of my family to generate as many dishes as possible.... :-)
The most important thing in my life is to serve my KING, and to honor him in everything I do!
Second to that, I write like a madwoman, work on the farm, cook whenever I'm told to, sing, (with a dream of singing professionally) play the harp, ( fairly well), the violin, ( pretty good), and the bugle, (rather badly). And hike. Whenever possible.

Really random stuff... I had my first marriage proposal when I was 11. He was 70, and like, married. Maybe I should have taken him up... :D
I can't stand the taste of milk. Yet I milk a cow. Go figure.
I am a LOTR fan girl!
I fall for Cowboys. Every. Single. Time. :D
I have a Scottish Claymore, and it's so cool, and it's my best friend. Other then my .22.
My goal is to be a Godly wife, mother, daughter, and teacher of my children! Is that not the best job a woman can have?

A few pictures should be inline, eh?

My Familia...minus Momma.

Don't ask. :D I guess this woud be me being...a gunslinger. :D

Messin' around with the cowboy hat...every girl needs one. ;)

A "formal" picture. :D


  1. Love the cowboy hat one! :D And yes, every girl needs one...At least as a guy, I think so!

  2. You have a Claymore? Cool! What action is your .22?